155 – Beauty and Connection with Michaell Magrutsche

by Sep 18, 2023

We live in an age that emphasizes systems, order, processes, logic, and efficiency as a primary purpose of our work. In many ways, these indeed have brought tremendous comfort, safety, and convenience to our lives.

But what if we’ve lost something also? What if this overemphasis on systems has cost us the meaning, purpose, and connection that makes human life ultimately worth living?

Join me in this episode as I’m joined by a rather unusual guest. Many of you know that I’m an engineering type of mindset – Mr. Michaell Magrutsche is on almost the opposite end of the temperament. He shares his story about how his inability to complete basic elementary school lead to his artistic success.

Michaell also shares his discoveries about connection, and how choosing people, beauty, and a curious perspective can bring fulfillment and meaning.

You can read more about Michaell’s work at his website: https://michaellm.com/self-aware-art-education or follow him at https://anchor.fm/michaellart

Michaell is not Catholic, and we discuss the importance of beauty, and how his work compares with the teachings of the Catholic faith.

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