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54 – Mental Health with Dcn Ed Shoener

Mental illness is a real problem that affects a significant number of people.

But we don’t even want to think about it, let alone deal with it!

Worse, it’s one of the only illnesses that we “define” a person by. We never say “He’s a broken arm” or “He’s a heart-attack” but we do say “He’s bipolar.”

What does this do to our Christian brothers and sisters who are so reduced?

In this episode I am joined by Deacon Ed Shoener. We discuss the problem of mental illness, what we can do as Christians, and some of the details of the institute that deacon helped build. This is life changing information!

You can find Deacon Ed’s ministry online at:

You can find his books online:

Responding to Suicide: A Pastoral Handbook for Catholic Leaders

When a Loved One Dies by Suicide


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53 – The Marriage Manual

We would all love a manual for our wife. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just operate the way that works for us?

Does anyone actually think that would work? Or would a guy just be sleeping on the couch?

The funny thing is we do have manuals. We just don’t share them.

And no…they aren’t helpful.

Join me in this episode as I go over how to be free from placing expectations on your spouse. Free to love, free to serve, free to be an awesome husband.

Every husband needs this.

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Discerning The Will of God with Fr. Michael Zimmerman

Father Michael Zimmerman is the assistant Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Boston, and the creator of the new Scivias film series. His goal is to help every Catholic do a better job of discerning the will of God – whether to a particular vocation of the priesthood, or in general in life.

In this episode, we discuss what we can do as practicing Catholics to really get back into touch with God’s will. Whether you’re a young man trying to discern a vocation, a married man trying to raise children, or an older gentleman trying to figure out what is next, Father Michael has advice for you!

You can check out Father Michael at the Vocations Boston facebook page here:

You can watch the Scivias video series at:

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51 – Despair

We don’t talk about despair much…even though we all have plenty of reason to fall into it.

Perhaps you’ve tried for years (or decades) to break free of some vice or shortcoming that has plagued you since childhood.

Perhaps despite intensive (herculean) efforts, you cannot seem to do what you think God wants you to…like really loving and serving your wife.

Join me in this episode as I dive into the topic of despair. What is it, and more importantly…what do we do about it?

You are not alone.

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50 – Elusive Elk Escapades

What do you call a trip that doesn’t accomplish any of the formal objectives, and ends in everyone getting COVID?

Most people wouldn’t think so.

But what if we measure the success or failure using different metrics? What if we look at relationships built or friendships forged?

Join me in this episode as I share some stories and lessons from my elk trip. You don’t need to be an elk hunter to appreciate them!

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49 – Scott Weeman and Catholic In Recovery

Addiction is rampant in our society, but we rarely want to get help.

Why is that?

First, it requires admitting that we have a problem – ouch!

Second, we’re not sure that anyone can really help anyways!

Let me tell you about something new:

Catholic In Recovery is not only a winner of the OSV Entrepreneurial award, but has an awesome purpose. Combining the time-tested power of 12-step programs ability to conquer addictions with the teachings of the Catholic Faith, this company is really cool.

Join me in this episode as I discuss what Catholic In Recovery can offer with it’s founder Scott Weeman. Whether you have an addiction you’d love to overcome or know someone who does, this episode is powerful!

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48 – The Gap and the Gain

Guys, this is really important. We all beat ourselves up way too hard and fail to notice just how much good we have done.

This is toxic.

We are Catholic. We can have Both-And. We can both see our shortcomings, and recognize we have made great progress.

Join me in this episode to discuss how the powerful tool of Gap and Gain can make big changes in your mindset in almost any area of your life.

It’s gonna be worth it!

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47 – Identity Wounds

Does it sometimes seem like you can never do enough to be “good enough” or “lovable?”

Do your slowly building pile of failures mean that you are actually a failure?

Are you actually a “bad guy” who has managed to fool everyone else, and you’re scared they might realize it?

Join me in this episode as I discuss 4 of the most common male identity wounds. These are wounds so deeply baked into our sense of self that they become part of who we are.

While healing these is not (usually) simple or easy, there are ways to start.

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46 – Discipline and Freedom with Nathaniel Binversie and Exodus 90

Most Catholic guys know about Exodus 90. A lot of us have done it, and even more are a bit intimidated by it. And…let’s be honest…there’s a good reason to be intimidated. It’s hard!

But so is everything else worth doing, ever.

So is your journey to sainthood.

If you want to finally find the freedom from your addictions and consuming worldly pastimes, you need to listen.

In this episode I’m joined by the Director of Content for the Exodus 90 program, Mr. Nathaniel Binversie. He shares not only some awesome Exodus 90 stories, but also gives us a sneak peak on some new stuff coming up! (And no, it’s not even MORE suffering)

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45 – Anger

Some guys blow the top explosively

Some guys simmer quietly and hold resentment and bitterness.

Whatever your flavor, most of us guys struggle with anger. We know that we should be less angry, but it seems like life just overwhelms that desire. How do we actually make real progress?

Join me in this episode as I give several practical tips to make some real headway on anger.

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