Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father


God should come first, but what does that really mean?

I’m Michael Jaquith. A modern Catholic guy, a podcaster, and a Life Coach. This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be.

We’ll talk about both practical strategies for managing life, better ways to view and engage the world, and how to take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


184 – Radical Catholic Responsibility

We love the stories of the heroes, the underdogs, and the winners. We revel in the touchdown throw that wins the superbowl. We sometimes even cry as the hero in the movie sacrifices everything.

Yet we so often fail to live our potential in our own lives.

What if “taking radical responsibility,” “extreme ownership,” and “radical accountability” are actually very Catholic ideas, consistent with the teachings of the church?

Join me in this episode as I explore the idea that not only is taking responsibility (when done properly) a source of humility, it is even the source of our greatest fulfillment as men. God gave us talents that all too often we allow to stay buried. He’s going to demand an accounting of them all one day! Taking responsibility is a powerful step to answering God’s call.

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183 – Catholic Parenting with Nancy Bandzuch

It’s always been hard to be a parent of a large family. It’s even harder these days.

The entire culture often seems aligned against us. Even our own church members often seem upset with large families during mass. It’s often lonely, isolating, and so frustrating.

But you’re not alone.

Join me in this episode as Nancy Bandzuch talks about the new show put out by the Augustine Institute called “The Catholic Parent.” It will help you feel like you’re not alone and also help you to be a better parent at the same time. 

You can find this series on Formed. Most likely, your parish has already purchased access for you. If not, you can get a free trial at this link:


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182 – Stop Fighting with Daryl Dittmer

Surrender is a funny concept.

Sometimes we need to fight for what’s right.

Sometimes we just need to surrender and accept what is.

Always, we are in a struggle to balance the two.

Join me in this episode as Daryl Dittmer and I discuss how to build a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. We all come from broken beginnings – some more broken than others. What we do what that makes the difference for where our lives go. When we surrender, stop fighting, and accept what actually works, our lives can get much better.

You can read more about Daryl on his website:

You can find his book here:

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Jay Coltrain

Mechanical Engineer & Entrepreneur

“It has been extremely helpful to have someone that can look at things from an outside perspective and ask objective, and hard, questions and then follow that up with some great resource recommendations. He has helped me question my own assumptions which has allowed me to get clear and focused on my goals and objectives to and be able to make changes in my circumstances and life.”