198 – Deacons of Hope with Dr Kevin Cummings

by May 1, 2024

The Pro-Life cause is near and dear to many Catholics’ hearts. Yet, a lot of us, with good intention, write a check, pray, and hope that’s enough.

Here’s a great story about a group of Deacons who set out to do more.

Join me in this episode as Deacon Dr. Kevin Cummings shares the story of Deacons of Hope. While based in Kansas, they are looking to expand. They created an amazing way to help women who were considering abortion; they support, treat, and train these women for success in life.

Deacon Kevin also shares some great life advice for those of us who aren’t in that “second career” phase yet.

You can read more about the Deacons of Hope at their website: https://www.deaconsofhope.org/

Check out this episode!


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