74 – Failure Resume with Eli Joseph

by Apr 4, 2022

Failure is painful!

Feelings of rejection and inadequacy are rarely counted as our favorite moments.

But what if they are actually essential?

Join me in this episode as Dr. Eli Joseph and I discuss how failure and rejection actually form the basis of your future success. Even though they are painful, they can provide you the secrets to achieving what you really want.

We discuss how building a “resume” of all your failures and rejections can also highlight what skills and strengths you have gained. Every negative moment can be rephrased as a positive – and the goodness that was brought into your life can be found.

Eli has an infectious enthusiasm and you will leave this episode feeling better about your life – no matter how you have failed or fallen!

You can find out more about him at:
His new book; The Perfect Rejection Resume: A Reader’s Guide to Building a Career Through Failure
His website: https://www.drelijoseph.com/
You can listen to his TED Talk

Check out this episode!


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