101 – Maturity and Love with Barry Nicolaou

by Oct 12, 2022

Life is complex. We hear a lot of messages that we don’t really know how to interpret. So much gets tangled up in our minds – how does it all fit together?

What if life could be simpler?

What if love could be looked at, rather than a sweet and light feeling, but instead as a choice. Specifically, a choice that helps us grow, mature, and become a more Godly person?

Join me in this episode as Barry Nicolaou shares his life story of this exact type of growth. We have some bad thoughts (sometimes through our ego), but they don’t serve us. Being open to God, open to love, open to connection is the only way to really find meaning and purpose.

Find out more about Barry at his website (including how to pre-order his new book, “Move the Mountain”): https://barrynicolaou.com/

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