103 – Escape from Pornography with Bob Hood

by Oct 31, 2022

For over 50 years Bob was hopelessly addicted to pornography. Although he consistently tried to hide it, he was eventually caught at work and lost his job. His wife left him for 9 months when he continued to fall again and again.

Bob eventually lost hope that there was anything he could ever do to escape from this addiction. He even believed that God Himself couldn’t set him free.

Until the day he finally decided to step out of the “boat” of his self reliance, and finally surrender to God.

I invite you to join Bob and I in this episode as Bob shares his incredible story of how God stepped into his hopeless addiction to pornography, and finally set him free forever. This is an incredibly emotional journey through hopelessness and pain.

You can find out more about the Pure Desire program at https://puredesire.org/

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