104 – Pure Desire with Nick Stumbo

by Nov 14, 2022

In the last episode, you heard Bob talk about how Pure Desire helped him break free from pornography. In this episode, we go to the source; Nick describes his work at Pure Desire.

Like so many other guys out there (including me!), he was exposed to pornography at a young age, and became hopelessly addicted…

…but didn’t want to see it that way.

It was just a problem that came up in some “new” way every so often, that he was for sure going to beat, that never really went away.

Even when a perfect opportunity was handed to him to try something new, he knew that it would be a great opportunity for those other guys who were actually addicted!

Thankfully his wife nudged his ribs and persuaded him to do it. His life was transformed forever. Yours can be too!

Join me in this episode as Nick and I discuss his story, and how Pure Desire finally cracked open his addiction enough to allow the healing love of Jesus to restore him. He shares his struggles starting from childhood and into marriage; escape seemed impossible! Yet, with a new and deeper approach, he found his freedom.

You can find out more about the Pure Desire program at https://puredesire.org/

You can also find Nick’s books on Amazon at:

Setting Us Free

SAFE: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame

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