105 – State of the Laity with Dave Plisky

by Nov 21, 2022

Jesus gave the apostles the Great Commission – and in (a slightly different way) gave it to us as well.

The Christian calling is to become an Intentional Disciple – to all vocations.

Yet, how well are we living that calling?

A new study put out by Desales Media and Vinea Research helps to answer this question, and the answer is sobering!

Join me in this episode as Dave Plisky from Desales helps walk me through the results of this new study. He discusses how active and engaged the Catholic community is – even after filtering down to those who are in deep relationship with Our Lord and the Church. We also discuss what you can do to increase your engagement.

You can read the survey results yourself at https://desalesmedia.org/discipleship/

As you read it, ask yourself where you fit in – and what would it take for you to find that next level of help. If you don’t know, reach out and contact me – we’ll talk!

Check out this episode!


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