110 – Healing your Identity with Keagen Hadley

by Dec 19, 2022

It’s surprisingly easy to define ourselves by what we do. Most of us do! Not only is this not healthy, it sets us up for some major confusion when our job changes.

This may at first seem trivial, but I’ve worked with many clients who have what is called an “identity wound.” Common ones include “I’m broken,” “I’m not enough,” and “I’m not really a man.”

Often, we cling to our job as a replacement for this deeper identity problem. This doesn’t work.

Join me in this episode as Dr. Keagen Hadley explores his own broken identity. It doesn’t seem like a torn ACL would be an event needing psychological intervention, but when it destroyed his ability to be who he thought he was, things became dark. Using a new type of ACT therapy, he fought back and earned his freedom.

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