121 – Courage and Relationships with Joseph Rockey

by Feb 11, 2023

I’m breaking the usual flow of podcast episodes because I think this one really needs to get out quickly! I encourage you to listen to this before Lent if possible – but the ideas are timeless.

Join me in this episode as Joe Rockey shares some really powerful ways to improve your relationships. We talk about humility, courage, and ways that we all are avoiding what we know we need to be doing. Relationships are literally what we are made for!

You can read more about Joe at https://elitebusinessconversations.com/ or catch his podcast Father and Joe.


  • 00:00 Opening and prayer
  • 03:10 We’re all more alike than different
  • 06:00 Catholic Church is a unifier
  • 08:50 Relationship with self
  • 18:30 Legitimate needs
  • 20:00 Lenten Sacrifice Suggestion
  • 26:10 Relationship with others
  • 33:00 Powerful Humility and Marriage
  • 37:40 Honesty and Courage
  • 47:00 Cardinal Virtues are Profitable
  • 49:00 How To Contact Joseph

Check out this episode!


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