122 – Following God with Alex Pauls

by Mar 6, 2023

Jonah was swallowed by a whale when he went astray of God’s plan but that isn’t the only option. Many people today get stuck in something that feels very comfortable while avoiding God.

Often following God’s call requires giving up something that seems good and comfortable, but God only asks us to go forward to find something better yet!

In this episode, I’m joined by Alex Pauls who shares his story of how God has guided his life. God’s plan for Alex challenged his limiting beliefs and false identity statements. Although it was difficult, looking backwards so often shows us how God’s plan was exactly what we needed!

Read more about Alex on his website: https://kpdesign.ca/



  • 00:00 Intro and Prayer
  • 03:30 Cereal with Milk on the Inside
  • 06:00 Origins in Communist Russia
  • 11:30 University Life and Faith
  • 16:00 A different path
  • 21:00 Dream job in northern Canada
  • 25:30 A Limit on God’s Goodness
  • 28:00 Building Self Worth
  • 33:30 Trapped in Dream Life
  • 38:00 Totally New Plan
  • 43:00 The Power of Choosing the Godly Path
  • 47:00 Deeper Worth
  • 53:00 A Different Type of Leader
  • 55:50 Connect with Alex

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