123 – Executive Coaching with Cory Carlson

by Mar 13, 2023

So, Covid happened, and we’re all still recovering. Most of us are desperately trying to recover by attending every event we can to “make up” for what we lost.

What if that’s not the best path though? What if we’re swinging from one mistake to another? If you think this might be you, consider coaching!

Join me in this episode as Cory Carlson helps explain how he coaches executives and what he’s seen. He walks through really practical ways to make big changes in your life, today. We all need more of this!

You can find out more about Cory, his books, and his podcast on his webpage https://www.corymcarlson.com/


  • 00:00 Opening and Prayer
  • 03:00 Leaving corporate world after 20 years
  • 06:45 Train your team to replace you
  • 10:45 Starting a new company in Q1 2020
  • 15:40 Faith as a Foundation
  • 19:45 Leadership is Lonely at the Top
  • 22:53 Executive Coaching Trends in Early Covid
  • 25:58 A Leader’s Job is to Decide What To Let Fail
  • 31:40 Holding Faith After Covid
  • 36:00 Date Your Wife!
  • 40:00 Say No to More Things!
  • 44:50 One Small Step For Today!
  • 47:00 How to get More Cory

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