124 – Losing Weight with Brady Ross

by Mar 20, 2023

Weight loss isn’t usually as hot a topic for guys as it is for girls. We tend not to be as worried about our physical appearance, and we all too often focus on other deliverables in our life.

But what if there’s more to health and fitness than the number that comes from the bathroom scale?

Join me in this episode as Brady Ross walks me through his weight loss story and what role weight played in his life. He talks about some practical ways that he lost weight and he helps other men lose weight. The most important part is your mindset, and Brady gives us some awesome perspective!

You can find out more about Brady at his website https://bradyross.com/


  • 00:00 Intro and Prayer
  • 02:30 3 Outdoor Grills
  • 05:50 The Start of Brady’s Weight Loss Journey
  • 09:25 Eating and Diet
  • 12:30 Support Groups and Individuals
  • 18:20 Condemnation vs Conviction
  • 21:20 Weight Gain then Weight Loss Round 2
  • 26:00 Logging Calories
  • 30:15 Focus on One Day At a Time
  • 34:10 Real Friends and Accountability
  • 39:00 Weight Loss with Little Children
  • 45:00 Motivation
  • 47:30 Learn More about Brady

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