133 – An Addiction Story with Doug Sweeney

by Apr 12, 2023

There’s a lot of guys being crushed by addictions right now. Statistically, if you’re not one of them, you know at least one. The kingdom of God is under assault like never before.

Although an addiction can feel absolutely overwhelming, there is hope. You can find help, freedom, and finally a sense of peace. I encourage you to be decisive – act today, either for yourself or for a friend you know is struggling!

Join me in this episode as Doug Sweeney shares his amazing story of how a poor father lead Doug into years of addiction. Things kept getting worse until Doug ended up in jail. There he encountered the Lord and got help. If you are on Doug’s path, I encourage you to look for help before you end up where he did!

Doug bravely shares his story and how he helps men to break free from the bondage of addiction. You can read more about Doug and contact him on his webpage: https://www.breakingbondagefromaddiction.com/


  • 00:00 – Opening and Prayer
  • 03:45 – Alcohol as a response to abuse
  • 06:30 – Stomach pumped at age 15
  • 10:00 – More drugs; Sadness and Hopelessness
  • 11:00 – Death of a passenger
  • 13:40 – God is a law-slammer
  • 16:30 – Slow suicide attempt
  • 20:55 – How can I be forgiveable?
  • 24:45 – Need to forgive others, especially dad
  • 30:00 – Forgiveness is not about the other
  • 33:30 – The power of God’s healing
  • 36:00 – Halfway house in Salvation Army
  • 40:00 – Doug’s focus on helping men with addiction
  • 42:30 – Identity and Addiction
  • 46:30 – How to find Doug and his approach

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