134 – Family Flywheel with Aaron Shelley

by Apr 17, 2023

When we’re trying to succeed at work, we read books, we find great resources, and constantly struggle to find success. Yet, when it comes to our families, too many guys just accept “good enough.”

What if we approached leading our family with the same strategies and mindsets as we run our businesses?

Can you imagine how much better things might turn out if we were willing to take the risk?

Join me in this episode as Aaron Shelley shares his experience and wisdom about how to run a family using business principles. He gives a ton of practical advice and easy to understand principles to improve your family’s operation!

You can find out more about Aaron  on his website: https://thefamilyflywheel.com/


  • 00:00 – Intro and Prayer
  • 03:20 – What is happening with a new baby?
  • 06:00 – Families are the pillars of our society
  • 10:00 – Experiments in every aspect of life
  • 14:00 – Dad is critically important!
  • 19:00 – Dads push their kids towards growth
  • 23:30 – What is your family culture, beliefs, and values?
  • 29:30 – How to get your kids to serve other people
  • 33:00 – Share what you love and find meaning in with your kids
  • 36:00 – Advice for daughters going dating
  • 39:00 – When your kids don’t want you involved
  • 43:30 – Is it easier with each child?
  • 46:00 – Combine activities for compound winning
  • 47:00 – Teaching the faith by living it
  • 50:00 – How to Contact Aaron

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