136 – Understanding Female Attraction

by May 4, 2023

One of the most common desires of married men is for more physical intimacy with their wives. There are countless “solutions” offered, often by the wives themselves, that don’t really seem to deliver.

It’s easy for a husband to find this frustrating, maybe even infuriating; why can’t we just solve this and both be happy?

What if female attraction actually does exist, but doesn’t work at all like male attraction?

Join me in this episode as I discuss the nature of female sexual attraction from a scientific perspective. What will actually activate our wives’ attraction? My claim is even if they don’t know, we can put a few pieces together.

I walk through the biology of what females are biologically programmed to look for, compared to what men are programmed to look for.

This episode is likely the first of several exploring the question of how men can improve themselves in order to improve their physical connection with their wives.

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