137 – Why Intimacy and Connection Matter In Your Marriage

by May 9, 2023

While it’s not universal, it is very common for a husband to want to have physical connection to his wife – and a strong one. But a lot of us go through periods where that connection is less strong. Often we just “soldier on” and hope it gets better.

Often times, we try to ask our wife what she wants to feel better connected – only to become discouraged when what she suggested doesn’t actually work.

Sometimes a guy will just accept that this is his “cross” to carry and (grudgingly) “accept” it.

After all, isn’t abstinence kind of like fasting? That’s good, right?

Join me in this episode as I break open why it’s so important for husbands to be constantly engaged in improving themselves for the sake of their marriage. Physical intimacy can often be an indicator of where the husband has stopped working on himself. While there are genuine times we are called by the Lord to periods of abstinence, that’s no reason to accept it when it’s not necessary and give up.

We must always be working on ourselves, to become our best version. Connection – all connection – matters in marriage.

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