140 – Catholic Men Leadership with Dan Donaldson

by May 29, 2023

Are you one of the countless Catholic men who doesn’t feel comfortable being a “leader” for your family and community? 

Are you tired of trying to figure out the really hard decisions alone and by yourself?

Maybe you just don’t know how to find help and connect with other guys in a meaningful way.

If these apply, please join me in this episode with Dan Donaldson as we discuss the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance organization, the upcoming Summit, and Dan’s role and story. This is a powerful episode that will call you to take action right now to improve your leadership.

If you are listening to this episode at a later date, please still head to the Alliance and sign up for a future Summit. It’s free!

You can sign up at https://heroicmen.com/go/

You can find out more about the organization at: https://www.catholicmenleaders.org/ or https://heroicmen.com/

Check out this episode!


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