141 – God Always Has A Plan with Guy Morris

by Jun 5, 2023

Some of us come from really abusive and dark families. We grow up with a lot of wounds, anger, and resentment. Without realizing it, we can often replay our own childhood in our own families, to our horror!

But God has a plan for everyone. You have your own baggage. You have your wounds and your history.

God’s grace is bigger.

Join me in this episode as Guy Morris shares his amazing and heartbreaking story of how obedience to God lead him from an abusive childhood where he ran away to the streets to an amazing set of accomplishments. Even when it all seemed hopeless, God not only had a plan but accomplished more than Guy could have dreamed.

This story will touch your heart.

You can find out more about Guy and his books on his website: https://www.guymorrisbooks.com/

Check out this episode!


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