144 – Embracing a Deeper Masculinity Part 2

by Jun 19, 2023

This episode is Part 2 of episode 143. I strongly recommend you listen to that episode first!

There are many in our society who desperately want us all to believe that gender is merely an adjustable value. Even within the Catholic church, there are many who fail to embrace just how stunningly different men are from women.

Women are different from men! And not merely in plumbing, but in deep and powerful ways. In various ways from how we use words, evaluate actions, and look at the world.

When we try to evaluate our wives using the lens of a man or when we try to evaluate a husband using the lens of a woman things get ugly. Yet we do it all the time!

Join me in the this episode as I continue explaining some really critical differences between the genders and how they relate to our God-given duties in marriage. I’m going to be direct and blunt. I’m going to speak using language intended for a man to understand. This means, ladies, you may not understand what I mean correctly. 🙂

This episode continues the wisdom that I wish I would have had available in my marriage many years ago.

Check out this episode!


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