153 – Phase 2 – Seriously?

by Aug 28, 2023

There’s a lot of reasons when It is sometimes off the table. But almost all of them make it harder to be a good husband.

What’s worse, for a couple practicing NFP in order to avoid conception, the time when It is off the table is also the time when both parties want It the most!

This is not easy.

Join me in this episode as I talk about some practical ways to look at Phase 2 of NFP, as well as some rules for how to navigate Phase 2. This is not a universally agreed upon topic, and I attempt to treat this with gentleness and respect. This is certainly not something that anyone ever figures out completely.

Please be advised that this topic does discuss human sexuality, and while in a respectful and medical tone, it would be worth considering what audiences should listen to this. Please protect your children! I have marked the content as “explicit” not because there is any swearing, but to make sure it does not accidentally bypass any filter settings. 

Check out this episode!


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