156 – Why with Cory Rosenke

by Sep 25, 2023

Deep down, we all (even non-Christians) know that there has to be some part of us beyond our brains and bodies. Those deepest parts have yearnings that call us to search for something that is not material.

Those yearnings call us to search for God. Though, we do get confused sometimes.

Join me in this episode as Cory Rosenke shares how his yearnings (and and irrepressible urge to ask “Why?”) lead him to his faith and to God. We talk about how the deepest issues of identity, purpose, mission, and meaning lead us to God in a powerful way. Without their proper alignment, we are easily lost. 

You can find out more about Cory at his website: https://coryrosenke.com/ or at his following social media connections:


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