157 – Leave No Soul Behind with Fred Vilbig

by Oct 2, 2023

Christ commissioned his disciples to spread the Good News to everyone throughout the world. While this has always been challenging, it is even harder in our “post-Christian” world.

It’s very clear that arguments are rarely effective.

Join me in this episode as Fred Vilbig shares his story and how he shares his faith with everyone – including his fallen-away children. This is a challenge that many Catholic parents are struggling with, uncertain how to reach them.

As a father of 11 children, several of which have fallen away from the faith, he has ample practice. He shares his wisdom about how gentle questions and open engagement can reach the heart far better.

Fred has written a book specifically about his experience reaching these souls. You can get a copy of the book and learn more about Fred at his website https://catholicgathering.com/

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