158 – True Freedom with Massimo Rigotti

by Oct 9, 2023

So many of us are hurting badly right now. This decade may well be remembered as the decade when emotional wounds and pain reached an all time high. All too often, we struggle ever more to fill that painful gap with anything at all that we hope will make us feel better.

Money. Alcohol. Success. Sex. Porn. Gambling. Whatever it is.

It doesn’t work. It just slowly bleeds us dry until we come up against the inevitable wall of our own inadequacy.

Join me in this episode as Massimo Rigotti shares his amazing story of success, addiction, fall, and miraculous recovery. His story is powerful and compelling, I encourage you to really listen. He shares how God reached down into his broken life to give him another chance. He also offers these tools to you.

You can read more about Massimo’s story and work at: https://www.massimorigotti.com/

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