161 – Surrender Myself To Better Love with Bill Senyard

by Oct 30, 2023

We live in a rough time. Despite all the knowledge, grace, and blessings that come from being a Christian, many of us regularly fall radically short of the mark. We miss opportunities to really show a deep and powerful love to our spouses, our children, and our communities.

We’re  so focused on the hyper rational that we’ve lost site that God’s love isn’t rational. And ours isn’t supposed to be either.

Join me in this episode as Dr. Bill Senyard returns to the show. We have a fantastic discussion that drifts across topics of parenting, surrender, and how to counter the effects of the modern culture. At the core of our discussion is God’s crazy, irrational love for us, and how we can in turn share that love with others.

If we are not filled with God’s love, we cannot truly share love with others.

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