165 – SSA Discussion

by Nov 20, 2023

There is no doubt that sexuality is a very hot and politically charged topic right now – both in the church and the culture in general. I have no doubt that some who listen to this episode will find something (or perhaps many things) I say offensive.

Nevertheless I have worked with too many Catholics who are struggling with SSA and too many Catholics who are not, but are unsure what to think or say about this issue.

Join me in this episode for a direct, open, and honest discussion about sexuality, sin, and the Catholic church. I approach this issue with charity for individuals – all individuals. While the teachings of the church are true and do not change, that does not justify the attack of character and judgement of personhood that we see rampant today. Christ treated all who earnestly sought holiness with tenderness and mercy – especially when they failed. We are called to no less.

I really would invite feedback from this episode. I suspect it will be a sensitive and emotional subject. We all need to take action to ensure both the preservation of truth along side the protection of individual dignity and personhood.

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