191 – Music and Purpose with John Michael Talbot

by Mar 27, 2024

The early church (and much of the modern Eastern church) had this strong Contemplative component that provided a powerful basis for Christians. This component is, sadly, mostly missing from our modern western Latin Rite Catholicism.

But what if what we lost is actually really important?

What if we need both contemplative time and community life at times?

Join me in this episode as Catholic music composer and community founder John Michael Talbot talks about his life with me. He not only shares a powerful story, he talks about how God was active in his life to bring him to a deeper and more powerful connection.

Music was a major part of his story and life. You can read about his music at https://johnmichaeltalbot.com/

You can read about his community at https://www.littleportion.org/

You can read about his bakery at https://littleportionbakery.org/


Check out this episode!


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