195 – The Trap of Addiction with Logan Hufford

by Apr 10, 2024

There are some addictions and traps that God lets us get out of pretty easy, but there are some that are really tough.

Often we persuade ourselves that we can do it, or that it’ll be enough to just get mostly clean – but we’re wrong.

We delay the healing through self deception.

Join me in this episode as Logan Hufford shares his story of a severe sexual addiction and the years he spent struggling for freedom. So often he deceived even himself about what was going on. Even in his darkest moments, God had a plan. The struggle to fully accept God’s love is hard for all of us, but certainly for those struggling with an addiction.

You can find a link to the specific program Logan was part of here: https://www.prodigalsofalaska.com/

If you have questions about the groups Logan talked about, or the tools available on the Prodigals of Alaska website, please feel free to reach out to Logan at prodigalsinfo@creeksideak.com

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