199 – God’s Patience with Scott Maderer

by May 8, 2024

So often in our lives, God is moving pieces that we don’t see, or at least understand. We commonly are so focused on the moment we fail to see the bigger picture.

Commonly we fear that things are so bad there is no way even God could bring good out.

But there are also those blessed moments where God lets us really see back in time – see the beauty of His design, the power of His creativity. In those moments we are offered a renewed hope.

Join me in this episode as Scott Maderer shares his story. It is a powerful story of a patient God who lets Scott try it his own way. When that fails, God gently, patiently, and inexorably leads Scott back to the faith.

You can read more about Scott’s business Inspired Leadership at: https://inspiredstewardship.com/catholicmen/

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