64 – Interview with Paul Granger

by Feb 7, 2022

Paul Granger is a man with an amazing story, a story of faith through difficulties that would scare the pants off of most men. Yet, despite his challenges, he has a joy, peace, and love of Our Lord that most of us would be envious of.

Join me in this episode as Paul and I discuss how he managed to discern God’s will through his struggles and challenges. Furthermore, we talk about how he found peace in himself and with his wife.

If nothing else, take the one tiny step forward in the direction God wants – leave the rest to Him. After you do one tiny step, maybe you can do one more tiny step.

You find more about Paul at his website https://www.wheredidyouseegod.com/ or his podcast https://www.wheredidyouseegod.com/podcast

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