65 – Interview with Dr Danny Brassell

by Feb 7, 2022

Dr. Danny Brassell is a world-famous speaker, trainer, and coach who helps children learn to love reading – and helps their parents too! He has a nearly endless supply of captivating stories and an infectious enthusiasm.

Join me in this episode as Dr. Brassell and I talk about what role reading has played in our lives, how we help people to read more and provide tips for helping our children to learn to love reading.

We share a lot of great stories, containing both moments both serious and funny. I invite you to listen in and to check out his resources below!

You can get a free e-copy of his book “Read, Lead, and Succeed” by going to https://freereadingtraining.com/frt

You can also find out more about Dr. Brassell at https://www.lazyreaders.com/, or check out his latest book Leadership Begins with Motivation

We reference two other books during the podcast:

The Killer Angels

The Dot and the Line

Check out this episode!


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