75 – Good Diversity with Ray Arata

by Apr 6, 2022

The topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity is a pretty divisive one right now.

Abstractly, we all know that a diverse set of perspectives is helpful, but we also each have horror stories of how policies in the DIE name have been rammed down corporate throats causing destruction.

How can we, both as Christians and as open-minded men, maximize the good while avoiding the sludge of politics?

Join me in this episode for something a little bit different. I’ve invited a DEI leader on for an honest, direct, but respectful conversation. There’s a little bit of tension, but we find some common ground that I hope will be pretty persuasive.

Dr. Ray Arata is a leading DEI expert and a he’s a man committed to the second greatest commandment. How do these mix? Join me to find out.

You can find more about his work below:

His new book is Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace. if you buy it directly from his website there’s a bonus!.

Learn more at rayarata.com and bettermanconference.com

Check out this episode!


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