76 – Are you the good thief?

by Apr 12, 2022

We all know the story – the good thief and the bad thief. One goes to heaven that day. The good thief sounds pretty cool, right?

Think again.

I suggest to you that this was a pretty terrible dude – the sort you would never even want to go to a bar with because he might kill you!

Furthermore, you’re a lot more like him than you might want to admit!

Join me in this episode as I discuss what it means to be like the good thief on the cross, what that means, and how to take that in as we get ready to go into the Triduum.

The great mass spanning Holy Thursday to Easter Vigil is a unique opportunity not only to renew our faith, but to deepen our understanding of what God has done in our lives. Don’t waste it!

Check out this episode!


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