82 – Pro Life! What now? with Camille Pauley

by May 18, 2022

Dobbs vs Jackson is staged to overturn Roe vs Wade. For those of us who are solidly pro-life, this is an awesome development! As cool as it sounds, however, many of us don’t know what to actually do now?

What part of your life will change if Roe vs Wade is overturned?

How can you balance your pro-life belief with your need to work at your job?

Join me in this episode as I’m joined by Camille Pauley, an expert speaker in the pro-life movement. She has tons of practical advice for us “average guys” who are trying to figure out our next steps.

You can read more about Camille Pauley and the Healing The Culture organization at her website: https://www.healingtheculture.com/

Check out this episode!


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