84B – Hope for the Church with Joe Sixpack

by Jun 1, 2022

Scandal is applied to the Catholic Church all too often. Those of us faithful in the pews can easily become discouraged and lose hope in the quality of our leadership.

And worse, even the bishops and priests who are striving for holiness are often too scared to speak up.

As a result, we faithful laity often feel powerless. But what if that’s not true?

Join me in this episode as I talk to “Joe Sixpack” (not his real name of course), a man who knows a lot of our church leadership directly. We talk not only about the state of the Church, but more importantly about what we can do to help!

As with all episodes, there’s a ton of practical advice. First, you can sign up for Joe’s free classes here: https://joesixpackanswers.com/

You can find out more about the Cantankerous Catholic podcast in your favorite player, or check out the webpage here: https://cantankerouscatholic.com/

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