93 – Money is not evil with Bob Lotich

by Aug 8, 2022

Wealth and money are emotionally loaded topics everywhere – but especially within the Christian community. Is it bad to be rich? How easily does that camel pass through the eye of a needle?

Yet perhaps it is wrong to squander the talents God has given, not fully applying them to build His kingdom.

How do we even figure it out?

Join me today as Mr. Bob Lotich shares his story with money. He gives a ton of practical advice about how to think about money, and how to change the financial situation of your family. He’s helped tons of couples transform their financial woes into rich blessings.

You can get Bob’s amazing book Simple Money, Rich Life from Amazon, or wherever you buy books

You can find his free Cashflow Spending Guide on his website.

You can also check out his courses!

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