95 – Pornography Medication with Isaiah Cruz

by Aug 22, 2022

Addictions are hard to beat – trust me, I know! Yet, so often, the advice we get is to just “try harder.”

Doesn’t work.

So how about something different? How about something that shifts your brain chemistry directly?

Join me in this episode as I’m joined by psychiatric nurse Isaiah Cruz and we discuss medications available to help break addiction. This is a powerful new field of research that is having some stunning impacts.

Now, a lot of folks resist medications in general – especially those prescribed for the brain. And, in fairness, there are some good reasons to. But hear us out – if you’re fighting for the holiness and purity needed to preserve your marriage and family, you need to think outside the box.

You can read more and discover if medication may be able to help you at https://www.no-x.net/

Isaiah and his partner have made it easy and safe to find a medication to help break your addiction – for good!

Check out this episode!


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