98 – Fighter Pilot Wisdom with Dom ‘Slice’ Teich

by Sep 12, 2022

Covid brought up a lot of problems – but many of those we discovered had nothing to do with the virus.

For those of us who have worked in the corporate environment, it’s very clear that we have problems with how we interact – Office Space anyone?

Yet, there is one group of people who don’t have time for endless staff meetings, committee discussions, and meetings-about-meetings. When you fly a fighter jet, the decision has to be made right now.

Join me in this episode and learn more about what Dom “Slice” Teich is doing – and how the wisdom of fighter pilots can help change your life too. He’s worked with pilots, athletes, business owners, corporate executives, and even students. It is possible to be highly results-driven while still firmly planted in the Faith.

Find out more about Dom’s “Single Seat Mindset” program at his website: https://www.singleseatmindset.com/

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