Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father


God should come first, but what does that really mean?

I’m Michael Jaquith. A modern Catholic guy, a podcaster, and a Life Coach. This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be.

We’ll talk about both practical strategies for managing life, better ways to view and engage the world, and how to take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


79 – Faith and Business with Steven Harris

Bringing our faith into our workplace is scary.

We all know how much “those people” are ignored and overlooked for future promotion.

But didn’t Christ say to spread the gospel everywhere?

Join me in this episode as I am joined by Mr. Steven Harris to explore many different facets of how our faith can connect to our businesses. Steven is an entrepreneur at heart who loves the Lord. This episode is also a great demonstration of how a Catholic and a Protestant can find common ground!

Steven has started the Kingdom of God Entrepreneur program. You can check out his podcast and what he offers at his website!

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78 – Chief Results Officer Blaine Oelkers

We’re all busy. Most of us feel overwhelmed…a lot!

Trying to balance everything that needs to get done for the job, family, wife, etc. often feels impossible.

So what do we do?

Join me in this episode as I meet Blaine Oelkers, the expert on getting results. He gives us tons of practical advice about how to get more done and have a way more positive experience going through it.

Grab a pen and paper, because the ideas, tips, and tricks come fast in this episode!

If you want to read more about Blaine, you can find him at

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77 – Read the Bible with Michael Ward

We all know the joke – Protestants know the Bible better than Catholics. Sadly, to some extent, it’s true.

Reading the Bible is actually pretty hard; especially if you start from page 1 and try to go straight through.

But it doesn’t have to be. What if that isn’t the best way?

I am joined in this episode by Mr. Michael Ward, a protestant who has put together a different way to read the Bible. He challenges us to get to know the scripture better – and through it, to get to know Our Lord and the Spirit better too!

You can find out more about Michael Ward at his website:

Note: As a Catholic, of course I do not agree with Martin Luther’s “Sola’s” but I love how Michael Ward approaches reading the Bible!

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Jay Coltrain

Mechanical Engineer & Entrepreneur

“It has been extremely helpful to have someone that can look at things from an outside perspective and ask objective, and hard, questions and then follow that up with some great resource recommendations. He has helped me question my own assumptions which has allowed me to get clear and focused on my goals and objectives to and be able to make changes in my circumstances and life.”