Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father


God should come first, but what does that really mean?

I’m Michael Jaquith. A modern Catholic guy, a podcaster, and a Life Coach. This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be.

We’ll talk about both practical strategies for managing life, better ways to view and engage the world, and how to take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


199 – God’s Patience with Scott Maderer

So often in our lives, God is moving pieces that we don’t see, or at least understand. We commonly are so focused on the moment we fail to see the bigger picture.

Commonly we fear that things are so bad there is no way even God could bring good out.

But there are also those blessed moments where God lets us really see back in time – see the beauty of His design, the power of His creativity. In those moments we are offered a renewed hope.

Join me in this episode as Scott Maderer shares his story. It is a powerful story of a patient God who lets Scott try it his own way. When that fails, God gently, patiently, and inexorably leads Scott back to the faith.

You can read more about Scott’s business Inspired Leadership at:

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198 – Deacons of Hope with Dr Kevin Cummings

The Pro-Life cause is near and dear to many Catholics’ hearts. Yet, a lot of us, with good intention, write a check, pray, and hope that’s enough.

Here’s a great story about a group of Deacons who set out to do more.

Join me in this episode as Deacon Dr. Kevin Cummings shares the story of Deacons of Hope. While based in Kansas, they are looking to expand. They created an amazing way to help women who were considering abortion; they support, treat, and train these women for success in life.

Deacon Kevin also shares some great life advice for those of us who aren’t in that “second career” phase yet.

You can read more about the Deacons of Hope at their website:

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196 – Time and Purpose with David Buck

Most of us believe that God has a plan for us. Probably even a purpose…but do we know what it is?

Have you done the work to really connect deeply with God’s plan for you?

If so, have you gone even further and aligned your time, your calendar, and your life with that purpose?

Join me in this episode as David Buck shares both his story and his wisdom about this topic. Like many of us, God has regularly given David a radical turn in the “plan” of his life. As David learned to navigate these changes, he was better able to connect with his purpose and align his time to that purpose.

I invite you to listen to this episode and do likewise. It will change your life.

You can read more about David and his company (as well as take a free Time Management Analysis) at his website:

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Jay Coltrain

Mechanical Engineer & Entrepreneur

“It has been extremely helpful to have someone that can look at things from an outside perspective and ask objective, and hard, questions and then follow that up with some great resource recommendations. He has helped me question my own assumptions which has allowed me to get clear and focused on my goals and objectives to and be able to make changes in my circumstances and life.”