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Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father

35 – Gratitude

We live in a crazy world right now where there’s a lot of darkness. Between pandemic, election drama, riots, etc. there’s good reason to be skeptical and negative.

But it doesn’t help you to be so!

Join me in this episode to discuss how embracing a spirit of gratitude can transform your life even in the most difficult of moments. It can give meaning and lead to courage and love.

The alternative is to simply agree with the devil, that everything is bad. Who wants to be on his team though?

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33 – Work

Adam, dude….

Ever since the apple fell, guys have been workin’ hard. But what does it mean to work? Why is it important, and how do we find the job that is right for us?

In this episode I offer some philosophical and some practical advice for how to determine the right job for you; a job that offers both money and meaning.

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32 – Narrative

“What’s your story?”

It’s undeniable – we live in a scientific mindset world. And it works…right? Well, for some things yes. If you need to get a rocket to the moon, absolutely. If you need to understand why love is fickle and sometimes hurts…not so much.

In this episode we explore the other half of reality, that of the story, or the narrative events. It’s not about measurements in feet, pounds, or degrees, but is instead about what has real meaning in our lives.

Join me to find out more.

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31 – 5 Lessons from FitF

I just got back from one of my favorite camping trips of the year.

11 dads.

Almost 40 kids.

Hot sun. Cold nights. Mosquitos. Lakes. Shooting. Eating. Drinking.

But, in case you missed out, I’ve distilled 5 powerful lessons I learned from this trip. Can’t wait to share.

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30 – Abundance vs Scarcity

We all have a viewpoint of the world that is different from each other, but there are patterns. Some people look at the world with the belief that there is so much more goodness out there to be discovered, while some people worry that there simply isn’t enough. The former is an attitude of Abundance, while the latter is an attitude of Scarcity.

In this episode I open up this subject from a Biblical view. Consistently in the Bible, God invites us to believe in His goodness, and the superabundance of His goodness. But how do we actually do this?

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29 – Awareness

The first step to solving any problem is to be aware of the problem. Or, said differently, one cannot confess a sin without knowing that one has sinned. Awareness is a critical part of any growth process.

Awareness isn’t simple, however. There are many different ways to be aware – and specifically, different steps in the mental process for awareness to act. As we become aware earlier in the process, we slowly get closer to sainthood. In this episode, I invite you to become more aware of how aware you are.

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28 – Control


Self-reliance. (Ungodly, of course)

We all want to control. We all like to trick ourselves into thinking that we actually DO have control.

In this episode I really explore what it means to have control, why we want it, and how we use control to further our own perceived need to be self reliant. If you really want to live the life you TRULY want, then instead of gripping more tightly, the only solution is to surrender our will to God. In surrender lies true freedom.

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27 – Trauma

Probably the most consistent question I get asked in a phone call is “How is Life Coaching different from Therapy?” It may seem like they are similar – but actually have some pretty significant differences in approach. It all has to do with Trauma.

In this episode I discuss what trauma is and how it works. The bigger question most people want to ask – what can you do about it?? We all have trauma (at least all of us whose parents were human.) The extent of the trauma determines what we do next.

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26 – Deep Feelings

Very few guys I’ve met like to talk about their feelings. So much so that a common joke about what guys least want to do is “sit and talk about our feelings.” Yet, we do need to talk about them. Furthermore, we need to dig deeper to really find them – then take the even bigger risk and share them with those whom we love.

In this episode I really go deeper on the idea of how feelings play a role in our lives. This is often one of the biggest resistance points I have with new clients who really really want to claim they do not have feelings. In this episode, you’ll learn not only why it’s helpful to dig and share your feelings, but how to do it too!

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