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Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father

44 – Self Discipline 201

Maybe you don’t need to work on your self discipline.

Maybe you’ve got everything worked out and like what you show up with.

Or maybe not…

If you’re like most of us guys, there are probably some areas to keep working on.

Join me in this episode to continue the discussion from Episode 7 about Self Discipline, and how to gain the freedom to be the guy you want to be!

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43 – Coaching Hot Topics

School, Fall, Yay! Right?

Well, but there is that COVID thing still…

And marriages are really struggling. Like…for a lot of us!

This episode is a bit more timely. I’ve put together some of the common issues that seem to be affecting a lot of guys right now. Join me and see if you’re struggling with something similar!

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42 – Perseverance with Jason Shanks

Jason Shanks is the president of the Our Sunday Visitor institute and an awesome guy.

In this episode he shares with us his story of perseverance. He contracted COVID-19 and had terrible complications to the point the doctors thought he was going to die, leaving his wife and 5 young children.

Despite overwhelming odds, this is the story of how his fight, working together with God’s grace through the prayers of untold hundreds, created a miracle recovery.

Also, he shares some of the awesome plans for OSV, and where he plans to take this amazing Catholic institution following this experience!

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41 – What a Job

Even before the lockdowns began, finding the right job was tough. So many of us spend away our years working in an environment that didn’t bring out our best.

Now, as the lockdowns are ending, more employees than ever are looking for something new. We’ve all gotten a taste of something different, and it’s changed what we’re looking for.

But what should a guy look for?

How do you know if this job is a “good fit?” – and what does that even mean??

Join me in this episode as I explore a lot of modern tools that can help you understand what type of job and role you’ll find that fulfillment that we all desperately need.

Even if you’re not looking to change, it’s helpful to learn more about who you are!

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40 – How to Talk Part 2

Let’s face it. Most guys…just aren’t great at talking.

We’d rather gesture and grunt.

I definitely prefer “the look”

Yet, despite all our mastery of these essential skills, they don’t seem to satisfy our wives and family.

Join me in this episode to continue the discussion from last week about how to talk in way that brings us closer to the person we’re trying to connect with, rather than further away.

It’s worth it. Your family, Your friends, and even Your Lord want to have real communication!

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39 How To Talk Part 1

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me…”

Fewer ideas could be more incorrect – or more dangerous!

Join me in this episode to dive into the topic of how to communicate. This is extremely powerful stuff – especially for your marriage, but also for your other close relationships.

The words that come out of your mouth, and the way you let words into your ears, can be one of the most important skills you can develop for a happy life.

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38 – The Past

We all have a history. We all have stories.

These stories often define how we act and what we do – even if when we don’t want them to.

For most of us, we have pieces of our past that still cause strong emotions. Those emotions are there for a reason! There is work to be done here.

In this episode, I discuss the power of exploring our Past. Story Work is difficult, but essential if we really want to grow in holiness and virtue.

The past isn’t dead…in fact it isn’t even really the past!

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37 – Camping With Kids

Some of us grew up camping – and some did not. Especially if you have younger children, it can seem more than a bit daunting to venture out into bug-infested wastelands that can both freeze and burn you on the same day!

This episode is something new. Steve Vando joins me and we flip the tables! He interviews me about my experience taking kids camping (along with all the guest-heckling that a host is supposed to do.)

We discuss a lot of practical tips as well as share some good stories.

If you have thought that maybe you should try the outdoors with children, then this episode is a Must-Listen!

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36 – A Father’s Power

In the beginning, The Father spoke the Word to create the world. Adam then Named all the animals.

Ever wonder why the secular studies show that it’s up to Dad to make sure the kids stay in the faith?

There is something profound about how men can Name, and it means something?

In this episode we explore this God-given gift to men, within the headship of the marriage – and what responsibility that creates for each man.

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35 – Gratitude

We live in a crazy world right now where there’s a lot of darkness. Between pandemic, election drama, riots, etc. there’s good reason to be skeptical and negative.

But it doesn’t help you to be so!

Join me in this episode to discuss how embracing a spirit of gratitude can transform your life even in the most difficult of moments. It can give meaning and lead to courage and love.

The alternative is to simply agree with the devil, that everything is bad. Who wants to be on his team though?

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