Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father


God should come first, but what does that really mean?

I’m Michael Jaquith. A modern Catholic guy, a podcaster, and a Life Coach. This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be.

We’ll talk about both practical strategies for managing life, better ways to view and engage the world, and how to take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


152 – Applied Love Language with Paul Zolman

Perhaps you’ve heard about Gary Chapman’s idea that we communicate love as a particular “language.” Perhaps you’ve even done a little bit of work and learned you and your wife’s Love Language.

But how do you really use the love languages to help your wife feel loved?

Join me in this episode as I bring in a Love Language expert (not to be confused with the Love Experts from the Frozen movie series.) Mr Paul Zolman shares his practical ways to really lean into the love language concept – both to become better at using them yourself, as well as to really help your significant others out.

You can read more about Paul at his website

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151 – Gospel of Work with Dan Donaldson

When God kicked Adam out of the garden, He assigned Adam to work. This work wasn’t meant to be merely a “punishment” but rather a path to redemption. Work is a chance for a man to strive, grow, and become the deeper man that God intended him to be!

So many of us look at our jobs as simply a way to pay the bills. We tend to either rush to get the bare minimum done or instead become obsessed with work to the detriment of our families.

This was never God’s plan.

You have an opportunity to join a free conference to learn what to do instead!

Join me in this episode as my returning guest Dan Donaldson discusses the next free conference hosted by Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance (CMLA). This conference is called the “Gospel of Work” and focuses on how we as Catholic men need to show up and lead at work.

Did I mention Matthew Kelly (one of my personal favorites!) will be speaking???

You can find out more at

You can reach Dan directly at

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150 – Physical Fitness with Roman Fischer

It’s hard to stay in shape. This is obviously true because we all see the statistics of how out of shape our country is. I know that I struggle to limit how much I eat – God is just so good and has provided so much wonderful food!

But what if it was easier to get and stay in shape?

Join me in this episode as my guest Roman Fischer explains how he got strong and fit, as well as how he helps his guest. As with so much else, the first step is always in our mind. Our thoughts and mindset are critical; nothing works without them!

You can find out more about Roman at

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Jay Coltrain

Mechanical Engineer & Entrepreneur

“It has been extremely helpful to have someone that can look at things from an outside perspective and ask objective, and hard, questions and then follow that up with some great resource recommendations. He has helped me question my own assumptions which has allowed me to get clear and focused on my goals and objectives to and be able to make changes in my circumstances and life.”