Stand Tall In The Sight Of The Father


God should come first, but what does that really mean?

I’m Michael Jaquith. A modern Catholic guy, a podcaster, and a Life Coach. This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be.

We’ll talk about both practical strategies for managing life, better ways to view and engage the world, and how to take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


163 – Marriage Coaching Part 1 with Kelly Dupee

Marriage is hard.

I sometimes wonder if I should dedicate an entire series to “How To Improve Your Marriage.” It is in many ways a lynchpin to your entire success and happiness.

The second most important part of your life is your marriage. As a husband, you have a duty to your wife and family that is higher than that to anyone other than God. Do not accept mediocrity!

Join me in this episode as Christian Marriage Coach Kelly Dupee and I discuss our coaching work with Christian marriages. He provides some practical advice for real ways you can step up your game as a husband and better love your wife. This is critical work for all of us husbands, we all need to do better!

This is likely the first of several conversations! You can find out more about Kelly Dupee and get a reduced price on his book at his website:

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162 – Lead Into Fun

Let’s be honest. Most of us men are not leading our wives well. Most of us struggle to lead our children to the dinner table, let alone manage the complicated balance of large family leadership!

What if I gave you a secret to one aspect of leadership that could help you improve in other areas as well?

One of the least understood leadership directions I find in the men I work with is the leadership into fun.

Join me in this episode as I explore what it means to lead our wives and family into fun and novelty. I’ll discuss some practical tips to get started no matter where you are in the journey currently. Trust me, it really can be fun!

If you cannot lead your family into fun, where else do you think will be able to manage leading them?

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161 – Surrender Myself To Better Love with Bill Senyard

We live in a rough time. Despite all the knowledge, grace, and blessings that come from being a Christian, many of us regularly fall radically short of the mark. We miss opportunities to really show a deep and powerful love to our spouses, our children, and our communities.

We’re  so focused on the hyper rational that we’ve lost site that God’s love isn’t rational. And ours isn’t supposed to be either.

Join me in this episode as Dr. Bill Senyard returns to the show. We have a fantastic discussion that drifts across topics of parenting, surrender, and how to counter the effects of the modern culture. At the core of our discussion is God’s crazy, irrational love for us, and how we can in turn share that love with others.

If we are not filled with God’s love, we cannot truly share love with others.

You can read more about Bill at his websites:

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Jay Coltrain

Mechanical Engineer & Entrepreneur

“It has been extremely helpful to have someone that can look at things from an outside perspective and ask objective, and hard, questions and then follow that up with some great resource recommendations. He has helped me question my own assumptions which has allowed me to get clear and focused on my goals and objectives to and be able to make changes in my circumstances and life.”